Nowadays, companies require a web presence, no this is not a fact but rather an opinion.  According to a study done by Cisco, it is estimated that by 2015 there will be about 15 billion devices with internet access, yes billion   And whats more, 40 billion by 2020!

Those numbers are amazing, when you think about it, but what you really need to consider, is how many of those predicted 15 billion devices will be looking for your company or services you offer.  Let’s say .1%.  If a tenth of a percent of that 15 billion Google your companies name and find nothing, you have the potential of loosing, 15 million clients or leads!  OK that might or might not be very realistic, for potential looking for your company, but what about a product you carry or make, this could be more realistic.

Another interesting fact is that of the queries Google a day, 80% of those queries have never been seen before!  So if people are not searching for your products today they maybe tomorrow.  So creating a website sooner than later is not a hard decision to make, for any company.  This goes hand in hand with search engine optimization (SEO), which is basically the longer a website has been “online” the better it will appear in search results.

Even if you already have a website, you still maybe loosing potential business.  Some of these reasons could be your sites look, it’s speed, or it’s SEO condition/rank.

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